Living in Harmony with a Challenging Child 

I used to get triggered and react in ways I regretted, especially with my kids. My first daughter was a challenging child who led with “NO!”, resisted being given suggestions or told what to do, and had a hard time with change. She had intense reactions that upset the whole family.


In desperation, I learned NVC and developed the 5 Steps To Connect. I want to give you hope as I found it didn't have to be so hard and there were better ways to interact with her. I learned the biology of why this happens, what was going on for her and me, and what we, as parents, CAN do. 

This is a 5 week self paced online class. You will come away knowing:

  • The steps to stop conflicting with your Challenging Child

  • What to do before, during and after intense interactions to minimize emotional harm/damage

  • How to create an emotionally safe home where everyone thrives


Learn concrete steps you can take to tap into your child’s natural resilience and connect with their inner sense of worth & abundance! This may be the most impactful and meaningful course you take as a parent.



My name is Allison Livingston and I am a mother of two daughters, a certified mediator and conflict training through the Conflict Resolution Center and Non Violent Communication Center, and have been an Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediator for 15 years.