Living in Harmony with a Strong Willed Child 

I used to get triggered and react in ways I regretted when my strong willed child led with “NO!” or resisted being told what to do, and had a hard time with change. She had intense reactions that upset the whole family.


In desperation, I learned NonViolent Communication (NVC), the Enneagram, Meditation, Brene Brown's Gifts of Imperfections and many others tools and practices.


After practicing all these for years, I developed the 5 Steps To Connect Framework that is shorthand to turn Conflict into Connection for busy parents.


I want to give you hope as it doesn't have to be so hard 

You aren't alone &

There are better ways to interact that build trust and connection, especially with kids who seem to resist and are intensely strong willed. 

There are two and soon to be three ways to engage with me:

  1. Monthly membership in the Real Peace Place Community ~ Valuable

  2. 5 Session 1:1 coaching program for fast, custom results ~ Priceless

    1. ​Personalized coaching sessions that fit your schedule

    2. Tailored weekly email support

    3. If needed, crisis management 

    4. Summary and weekly homework to practice and re-wire old habits that were causing conflicts into new ways to engage that create understanding and connection.

    5. Priceless feedback from adults who were strong willed children themselves and what they wished their parents had known.

  3. coming soon... a 5 week self paced online class with email support and group Q&A sessions

You will come away knowing:

  • The steps to stop conflicting with your Strong Willed Child

  • What to do before, during and after intense interactions to minimize emotional harm/damage

  • How to create an emotionally safe home where everyone thrives


Learn the concrete steps you can take to stop fighting. You will be able to tap into your child’s natural resilience and connect with their inner sense of worth & abundance


This will be the most impactful and meaningful course you take as a parent


Allison Livingston is a mother of two daughters, a certified mediator and parent coach

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