Best Websites and Books

Orgnaizations to learn more:


NVC Santa Cruz,

Brene Brown

Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection,

Conscious Leadership Group videos:

Parenting without Powerstruggles

Products to enhance your learning: 

  • I use the GROK feelings and needs cards to understand my reactions and to work out conflicts.

The Mask You Live In, documentary

Check out The Mask You Live In and Miss Representation on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

Recommended Books:

The Explosive Child, Dr. Ross Greene

Lost and Found, Dr. Ross Greene

Raising Human Beings, Dr. Ross Greene

NonViolent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg

The Gifts of Imperfection, Brene Brown

Daring Greatly, Brene Brown

Rising Strong, Brene Brown

Wisdom Jesus, Cynthia Bourgeault

From Fear to Fearlessness, Pema Chodron

The Wisdom of No Escape, Pema Chodron

Bounceback Parenting, Alissa Marquess

The Whole-Brain Child, Siegel/Bryson

The Wisdom of the Enneagram, Riso/Hudson

Parenting Without Power Stuggles, Stiffelman

Bring Me the Rhinoceros, John Tarrant

Awakening Joy for Kids, James Baraz and Michele Lilyanna

Listen, Patty Wipfler founder Hand in Hand Parenting

Conscious Parenting, Dr. Shefali

15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, Diana Chapman and Jim Dethmer

Lives in the balance, Dr. Ross Greene

Working with Challenging Behavior and the Collaborative Proactive Solution model

The Explosive Child

Lost and Found

Raising Human Beings

“Will you... Hold my hand for a little while?

I don’t need you to save me

No need for you to fix anything

No need for you to hold my pain

But will you simply hold my hand?

I do not need your words

Your thoughts

Nor your shoulders to carry me

But will you sit here for a while with me?

Whilst my tears they stream

Whilst my heart it shatters

Whilst my mind plays tricks on me

Will you with your presence let me know that I am not alone, whilst I wander into my inner unknown?

For my darkness is mine to face

My pain is mine to feel

And my wounds are mine to heal

But will you sit with me here, while I courageously show up for it all my dear?

For I am bright because of my darkness

Beautiful because of my brokenness

And strong due to my tender heart

But will you take my hand lovingly, when I sometimes journey into the dark?

I don’t ask for you to take my darkness away

I don’t expect for you to brighten my day

And I don’t believe that you can mend my pain

But I would surely love if you could sit for a while and hold my hand, until I find my way out of my shadowland!

So will you... Hold my hand until I return again?”

~ Zoe Johansen ~