Body Scan 101

We want to parent from a place of balance and peace, but often we're stressed and overwhelmed. This usually means we have pent up emotional energy that needs releasing.

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The tendency is to stuff upset, just stay the course and keep checking things off our list. The challenge is that when we just struggle through,    repressing uncomfortable emotions, all of that energy gets stuck in our body. There is a cost when we don't make time to experience emotions and listen to their messages: pent up emotional energy. 


How do we know we need to take an emotional release break?

Body Scan 101

What is the purpose of a body scan? The body scan is an effective tool to both wake up to where we are and help us return to balance and peace.

Experiencing emotions is a whole body endeavor. 

Download Body Scan 101 and see how you can go from feeling tense and anxious to relaxed and peaceful.

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We recommend you use this 5 times each day