January 8-10, 2021 

3 Day Facebook Challenge 

Tame the Triggers!

Choose Connection!

Does your child trigger you?

  • You know, the eye roll that screams disrespect.

  • "No, I won't!" when you are trying to get out the door.

  • Siblings yelling and arguing when you just sat down to relax.

  • Backtalk instead of the cooperation you crave

Getting triggered by our kids can leave us feeling angry as well as hopeless.


But it doesn’t have to be so hard. Together we can tame the triggers to create connection with our children. 


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Allison is a mom of two strong willed daughters, a conflict resolution specialist and a parenting coach. She has over 15 years experience supporting parents just like you who get triggered by their kids. 


She developed the 5 Steps to Connect framework that parents have successfully used to bring connection back to their families. A framework combining philosophies from the best minds in psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence. Wisdom from Dan Siegel, Brene Brown, Marshall Rosenberg, Ross Greene and Carla Naumburg. 


WHEN: Friday-Sunday January 8-10, 2021​

Results you'll achieve:


  1. Notice your triggers, the first step to meaningful change.

  2. Unhook from your triggers, the next step to choose something different than yelling, telling, fixing and arguing.

  3. Validate what's underneath: that something matters and is important.

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Tame the Triggers! Choose Connection!

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