3 Day Challenge 
Build Resilience with LifeSaving Listening Skills!

Learn and practice LifeSaving Listening Skills to Build Resilience!

The key ingredient to resilience is being able to respond rather than react when things don't go our way and we face or feel BIG hard emotions.


This practice allows us to share what's real and vulnerable. To go back and learn from the uncomfortable feelings we weren't able to realtime, like uncertainty, anger, anxiety, disappointment, and overwhelm.

Don’t we all desire resilience, bouncing back from any situation? 

So why do we find it so hard to respond resiliently, when times feel tough?

Most of us have spent our lives building up armor to avoid feeling uncomfortable by repressing, numbing, rationalizing or offloading our emotions AT others. But when we do this, we end up reacting more.


Brene Brown says that the most important way to practice resilience / wholeheartedness is to share our stories with people we trust, that know how to listen with compassion and empathy, rather than sympathy, judgement or advice.


Allison learned these listening skills 15 years ago and developed it into a practice to share, LifeSaving Listening Skills.​


What LifeSaving Listening is:

  • A unique opportunity to be seen, heard and accepted.

  • A chance to be open and real without the threat of judgement nor advice.

  • Exchanging the gift of listening and sharing with another.

  • A safe space with established ground rules so sharing what's real, messy, 'imperfect' and vulnerable feels possible.


Why it matters:

How often do we misunderstand each other and it leads to an argument or fight we regret?

  • LSL and the 5 Steps to Connect framework can help you stop getting hooked in old patterns like taking things personally and directing your anger at each other.

  • Allison has been utilizing LifeSaving Listening Skills (LSL) with her family for many years and has found that LSL allows her to be less reactive and connect in more meaningful ways with her daughters. 

  • For most of us, the opportunity to be seen, heard and accepted is rare yet it is fully needed to build resilience and live with wholeheartedness.


What you will receive:

  • LifeSaving Listening Skills! Learn together as Allison explains these skills and models how safe, open and real the experience can be.

  • Experience for yourself how amazing it feels to be both a listener and a speaker in this practice.

  • A printable LSL guide sheet to practice with your friends and share with your kids.

  • An invitation to The Real Peace Place parent community that creates the safe space to practice LifeSaving Listening Skills regularly. 


How it will work:

  • Each day you will receive either a video or written guidance and a challenge.

  • Allison will go LIVE on Zoom for a centering, a video demonstration as well as time to practice yourself on the last 2 days at 9am PST/12 EST/7pm GMT.

  • You are always in choice about what you'd like to share.

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Allison is a mom of two strong willed daughters, a conflict resolution specialist and a parenting coach. She has over 15 years experience supporting parents just like you who get triggered by their kids. 

Nothing has helped her become resilient more than the concepts in this challenge. 


She developed the 5 Steps to Connect framework that parents have successfully used to bring connection back to their families. A framework combining philosophies from the best minds in psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence. Wisdom from Brene Brown, Marshall Rosenberg, Dan Siegel, Ross Greene, The Enneagram and Mindfulness Meditation. 

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