How You Will Benefit?

What are the benefits to joining The Real Peace Place Community?

A sense that you aren't parenting 'wrong' just because your child does challenging behavior and you get triggered. 

The relief that it's not your child's fault either; they are born this way and it isn't a problem. Especially once you know how to change lenses and work with them. 

The freedom and learning you experience by hearing from other parents struggling with strong willed, Challenger Mindset kids like you have. 

Learn tips to collaboratively problem solve so your child feels safe and empowered instead of controlled and threatened. 

How to create an emotionally healthy home.

How to work with your child's 'wolf energy' and change lenses so you can see the 'hurting puppy' within that needs support. It feels amazing to be free of taking your child's behavior personally.

Knowing what clear, firm boundaries look like and how to communicate them. Your Challenger Mindset child will both resist these, react emotionally which helps release pent up energy, and benefit greatly from their structure.

Brain Science of Emotions: