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  • 6 Weekly short audio/video trainings on a 5 Steps To Connect resource  ($567 VALUE)                                         

  • 6 Weekly trainings on working with your triggers to extend your patience ($517 VALUE)                                                 

  • 6 Weekly LIVE Coaching Q & A Calls to rally accountability, share ideas + solve all the problems ($1167 VALUE)                                  

  • Handouts like the Trigger Tracker and S.T.O.P. to Connect as well as cheat sheets, printables, + scripts ($390 VALUE)                        

  • Personal check-in to see where you are so you can focus on the most important parts first. ($157 VALUE) 


  • Members Area making the training easily accessible on the go with and easy weekly schedule to keep making progress  ($199 VALUE)

  • At the culmination of 6 weeks you'll have developed a Personalized Family Dynamic Map to guide you away from painful patterns during

  • Private community group for conversation + support  ($97 VALUE)

  • BONUS!  Qi Gong Wellness Practice to Reset              ($120 VALUE)

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