Community Membership

to Make Fast Progress

Membership Is Open Until Tuesday 6/30/20!

(Closes 7/1/20 so groups of parents join together)

If you have a strong willed child, this is for you. 

Early bird special $25 per month

Support your passionate, spirited, strong willed (challenging behavior) child become the mighty warrior they are meant to be.

What if you could learn tips and skills that would melt the angst and hopelessness you've felt?

I know I would have given anything! I felt alone and like a failure. Like I was doing something wrong since my experience seemed so much harder and more intense than most parents I knew. 

Our monthly topics will be ones like: 

  • Survival Skills

  • In the face of defiance, No! and not cooperating; what are my options? 

  • Why is Life Saving Listening so impactful and how do I start doing it?

  • Knowing my triggers and what to do next.

  • How to work with (an avalanche) of negative thoughts?

  • How to fit in self-care so I don't LOSE IT AT MY KIDS?!

  • Emotional Well-Being - What it is and how to create it in our families


We'll give each other hope and healing as we learn and laugh together.

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