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If you are facing big emotions and challenging behavior from your children, this is for you.

​​​Join Allison Livingston, parenting coach of 15 years, as she walks you through Facing Big Emotions & Challenging Behavior to support your passionate, spirited, strong willed child who's doing challenging behaviors like yelling, "NO!" or lying or hitting. 

Her passion is supporting parents with strong willed children not get caught in each other's stories + emotions.


This creates the Pain-Triggered-Stuck cycle.


Most parents see and experience this as 'challenging behavior' and intense emotions. They often feel hopeless and like they are doing something wrong.


So if you are a parent in this situation or know someone who is, please let them know there is hope. Parenting doesn't have to be so hard and they aren't alone.


 $39.99 including monthly community support. (Normally $49, 20% off if you purchase by the end of this month)



Benefits Include

  • Topics to flourish with your child and stop challenging behavior. ​

  • Community encouragement, skill building and parent support.

  • New webinar topics each month.

  • Educational articles and teaching videos + Resource materials.

  • .Monthly Live Connection and Q&A session

  • ​Monthly LifeSaving Listening

  • Affordable monthly pricing*

**Membership pricing is automatically billed monthly and you can cancel anytime.


​Get More Connection!

What if you could learn tips and skills that would melt the angst and hopelessness you've felt in parenting?

"I would have given anything to have these skills as a parent! I felt alone and like a failure. Like I was doing something wrong since my experience seemed so much harder and more intense than most parents I knew." Jennifer, Santa Cruz, CA

Connect in the membership site to get results: 

  • Face challenging behavior with ease and clarity

  • Know your options when facing defiance, No! and not cooperating; you'll know your options 

  • Break the cycle of blowing up at each other.

  • Set clear firm limits from care, not anger so they actually work!

  • Know how to work with (an avalanche) of anxious or negative thoughts

  • Fit in self-care so you don't LOSE IT AT YOUR KIDS!

  • Experience Emotional Well-Being - and  know how to create it in your family

  • Make repairs after yelling so you connect and are closer than ever.


$39.99 including monthly community support. (Normally $49, 20% off if you purchase by the end of this month)


Low risk: affordable monthly cost and you can cancel at any time if it isn't right for you. Most parents find it so valuable they tell their friends.