Strong Willed Child

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Are you ready to move from just surviving as a Mom to fully thriving?

  • Eliminate Power Struggles 

  • Prevent Tantrums

  • Keep Your Sanity

  • Practice Strategies & Solutions

  • Learn LifeSaving Listening Skills

  • Build Resilience & Trust in Relationships

  • Face Big Emotions with Ease

  • Live Wholeheartedly

Millions of Mom's struggle with kids who are spirited and strong-willed sometimes even considered stubborn and defiant. Nothing can be more infuriating than giving so much to your kids, yet not feeling appreciated, listened to or respected. 

Know that you are not alone and there are concepts and skills that you can learn that will make it easier.


Learn to stop the power struggles so you can rebuild trust, decrease the conflict and negative reactions, moving from fight or flight into understanding one another and repairing relationships for better family connection. 

Let's go!

Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA

Manifest   the  Connection You Want

What if you could learn tips and skills that would melt the angst and hopelessness you've felt in parenting?

Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA

Is your fiery child derailing the whole family dynamic?

Do you feel triggered and at your wits end with your child's BIG emotions...

  • Arguing

  • Not listening

  • Defiance

  • Lack of cooperation

  • Sibling fighting

  • Backtalk

  • Disrespect

  • Anger

Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA

Online Mom's Only Community

Empowering Mom's of strong willed children with the ability to connect; to know that it is possible. That fighting, yelling and triggering each other is not inevitable.

  • Content added weekly

  • Live Q&A

  • Skill building practice sessions

  • Community resources

Strong Willed Child Mom's Online
Support  Community

The Strong Willed Child Mom's Support Community is a safe, supportive membership for parents to learn techniques that help soften the struggles and allow families to feel more peaceful, hopeful, and connected.


Uncover alternatives to angst and anger using tools based on

Rising Strong & The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown and

NonViolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.​

Live Sessions
  • Connect and share your parenting struggles and successes in a supportive and judgment-free space.

  • A safe space to be heard that's built on trust and mutual agreements.

  • Meet fellow Mom's who understand what you’re going through, and leave feeling seen, heard and accepted; empowered to try a new approach. 

  • Group sessions run on a platform that allows private group chats to make connections with one another, and keep everything together in one self-contained place.

  • Weekly videos and articles to gain insight and ah-ha's.

  • Unlearn old unskillful patterns and cultivate new ones that create the connection you yearn for.

  • Lessons and ideas you can access and implement at any time for skill building, encouragement and support. 

  • Each session explores a theme and walks you through a framework you can use to approach these challenges in a proactive way.

  • Themes such as anger, anxiety, defiance, disrespect, or meltdowns  

  • Weekly suggestions and encouragement for infusing self-care into your daily routine.

Break The "Eggshells toBlowUp" Cycle

Join the Strong Willed Child Mom's Online Support  Community

  • Face challenging behavior with ease and clarity.

  • Know your options when facing defiance and resistance.

  • Shift from losing your cool to setting limits with care and building connection.

  • Make repairs after making mistakes so your relationship grows stronger.

  • Know how to work through an avalanche of anxious or negative thoughts.

  • Incorporate self-care into your days so you can keep going and giving.

  • Experience emotional wellbeing that will flow over to your kids.

Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA
Online Mom's-Only Community


Know exactly how to shift out of reaction when facing challenging behavior with clarity about how to         de-escalate their sense of threat.

Break the Cycle

Break the cycle of blowing up at each other by learning the core foundation of 5 Steps to Connect.


You are not alone.

Connect with other parents struggling with strong willed kids whose rigid resolve is unwavering.


You'll experience relief knowing how to shift from reactive and fixed to wholehearted, breaking out of the exhausting battles over who gets their way and who's right.

Wolf Energy

Work with your child's 'wolf energy' and change lenses so you can see the 'hurting puppy' within that needs support. It feels amazing to be free of taking your child's behavior personally.

Clear Limits

Set clear, firm limits from wholeness not anger so they actually work. Develop the limits setting process that keeps them from derailing the whole family AND feeling safe and loved.


Collaboratively problem solve so your child feels safe and empowered instead of controlled and threatened.


Challenger Mindset kids will both resist these, react emotionally which helps release pent up energy, and benefit greatly from their structure.

You Are Not Alone

Join a community where you can feel safe to share your frustrations, your challenges and your celebrations. A community that understands and supports your needs. 


Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA


Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA