Join The Real Peace Community to Move From Power Struggles to Peace


Can I join the membership any time?

Yes! We have a rolling start so it will make sense no matter when you do.

Can I leave the membership any time?

Yes, most parents receive support and community plus a sense they are no longer alone. If something changes for you, you can stop at any time. 

What are the benefits to the membership?

A sense that you aren't parenting 'wrong' just because your child does challenging behavior and you get into power struggles. 

The relief and learning by hearing from other parents struggling with strong willed, Challenger Mindset kids like you have. 

Learn plan creation to collaboratively problem solve so your child feels safe and empowered instead of controlled and threatened. 

How to create an emotionally healthy home.

How to work with your child's 'wolf energy' and change lenses so you can see the 'hurting puppy' within that needs support.

What clear, firm boundaries look like and how to communicate them. That your Challenger Mindset child will both resist these, probably emotionally release, and benefit from their structure.

Is this therapy?

No, it may have therapeutic good results, but is not designed as 1:1 therapy.


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