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Lose it with my kids or...Choose something else?

It was a rainy Sunday. I asked my girls, 5 and 7 to cooperate. I hadn't gotten a work out in days and felt congested with a sinus cold. My daughters started fighting over who got to go first in their game. I was trying to get lunch ready and my project finished. Next they started arguing about what we were going to do after lunch, they each wanted to get their way. The phone rang and instead of being quite and letting me talk as we’d worked on, my oldest interrupted me, then grabbed some glasses she wasn’t supposed to touch. The last straw was when she pushed her sister down who screamed and started crying. I quickly ended my call in embarrassment and frustration.

I yelled, “STOP IT!” My oldest yelled back, "It was her fault!!" I grabbed her arm roughly, enraged and past any sense. I separated them and then walked into the kitchen to give myself some space. I was hot all over, and vibrating with upset! Damn it!

Help! Body Scan = a Life Preserver. OK - My heart is beating like it wants to fly out of my chest. I'm breathing as if I just sprinted. I'm enraged! There is pressure, like a weight on my lungs; I can't get a deep breath. My jaw is clenched and my throat feels constricted. Whew. It feels good just to be more aware and less TRAPPED IN my Reaction!