The 5 Questions used to Connect

Am I triggered...? Upset? Meet myself there. 

Threatened? Reacting? or Centered in values?

What am I firmly believing? 

Am I attached to being right? Am I blaming and finding fault? Complaining? Comparing? Judging? Should'ing myself or them? Criticizing?

What am I Feeling?

Frustrated? Angry? Scared? Confused? Uncertain? sad?

Joyful? Happy? At ease? Relaxed?

Where in my body am I feeling these?

Is my jaw tight? My breathing fast and shallow? My stomach glitching? My throat constricted? Do I feel pressure in my chest?

What is Important to Me? 

What unmet needs is my frustration, anger, fear pointing to? What values are motivating me? Wanting to be seen? Acceptance? Ease? Reassurance?

After I take time to pause and reflect on the

above questions, then I am usually centered

and able to listen & speak unarguably 

 Can I be curious and open? Can I accept and not judge or fix? 

From this place of Center, I can more easily

and clearly set limits and communicate

my boundaries 

Can I imagine a win for all? Can I tune into what they may be wanting? Can we brainstorm collaborative, empowering for all solutions?

You will come away knowing

how to practice the 5 Steps so that you

take things less personally and power struggles


Workshops to learn and recharge.  

Classes are designed to meet the needs of busy parents balancing work, home management, and kids while also meeting their own needs for self care to recharge.  Not easy!  


It is a place to come and be heard as well as listen.  To learn new skills and practice them.  It's a time to slow down and unpack challenging patterns and arguments we seem to have with our kids over and over.


We will learn the brain science of conflict and connection. Why kids go "off track" and how to get them back to feeling safe and connected so they can once again learn and think. Come learn and practice the 5 STEPS to CONNECT for LESS CONFLICT and MORE CONNECTION.

We will slow down and untangle times when we are triggered to 

understand the dynamics.  That will include looking at what happens both physiologically and emotionally when we go into flight/fight/freeze.


We will understand the difference between  "Doing" life rather than being fully present and experiencing it.


The class will learn to notice body tightness and tenseness and how that is a clue into your emotions and values.  It is our internal compass.


We will explore "choose to" rather than "have to" and why "you should" or "I should" is something to be careful with and notice.

Many of us make time each week for a work out.  What would our lives be like if we carved out a similar amount of time to be the CEOs of our Reactions? These topics are not always easy to talk about so I will break them down, make them accessible.


Join us!  You will never regret it, and neither will your kids.

Family connecting avoiding conflict
Family in conflict