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A gift to support your family

Atlas of the Heart Summary

Brené Brown's Atlas of the Heart is a remarkable game changer to human relating. It truly is a map to guide us back to meaningful connection. 


These concepts, laid out in an easy to follow colorful download, will help you meet your kids emotions and be with your own.


This free infographic will serve as a visual reminder to prioritize time for listening to emotions in the beginning, middle or end of a hectic day. 


To slow down and validate your child's feelings (and your own!)


EXERCISE: Each day, share what you are feeling with your child as a way to connect.

Then ask your child,

"What are you feeling? (Sad)

Hi part that is sad, what are you trying to tell us about what matters?"

It is a human need to be seen, heard and valued; kids especially. Asking about feelings is a great way to meet that need on a regular basis.

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Want To Dive Deeper?

Are you ready to move from just surviving as a family to fully thriving?

  • Move from your head to your heart to relate

  • Eliminate Power Struggles 

  • How to take armor off to unblock connection

  • Keep Your Sanity

  • Practice Strategies & Solutions

  • Learn LifeSaving Listening Skills

  • Build Resilience & Trust in Relationships

  • Face Big Emotions with Ease

  • Live Wholeheartedly

Millions of Moms and Dads struggle with kids who are spirited and strong willed, sometimes even considered stubborn and defiant. Nothing can be more infuriating than giving so much to your kids, yet not feeling appreciated, listened to or respected. 

Know that you are not alone and there are concepts and skills that you can learn that will make it easier.

Learn more about this proven program based on Brene Brown's work to stop awful behavior and relate like they're on your team!


Presented by Allison Livingston, Founder & CEO at 5 Steps to Connect

Conflict resolution specialist, mediator and parenting coach for those struggling to relate with a strong-willed child.

Or is asynchronous online learning more your style?
In the online course Facing an Angry or Inflexible Child you will learn

  • Why emotions are hard and the cost when we avoid them.

  • The first step is to re-develop our emotional vocab.

  • Anger as one of the 87 emotions that define the human experience.

  • Notice where we go wrong with emotions and what to do instead.

  • How we find our way back to meaningful connection within ourselves and each other.

  • Turn around hard family dynamics.

  • What our 'go to' emotional armor is and the first step to take it off so we can connect.

  • Share a common language to talk about what we are experiencing, rather than stay stuck in our heads about what should or is supposed to be happening.

  • Enjoy less conflict and more meaningful connection with our kids.

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Want to understand why emotions are hard and what we get wrong?

Especially when facing anger?


We develop armor or old protective patterns to offload, numb, rationalize, repress our emotions instead of experiencing them. But armor and avoiding emotions comes at a cost as it breaks the link to our needs/values and what really matters.

In this new online class you'll learn How to Face an Angry or Inflexible Child and other big emotions.  You'll also see how using concepts and practices from Brene's Atlas will create opportunities for emotional recognition, body experience and validation which all support less meltdowns and more meaningful connection.   

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Facing an Angry or Inflexible Child Online Course!

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