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Surviving to Thriving

1-on-1 Coaching Program

Are you ready to move from just surviving as a family to fully thriving?

  • Eliminate Power Struggles 

  • Experience Tantrums Differently

  • Keep Your Sanity

  • Practice Strategies & Solutions

  • Learn LifeSaving Listening Skills

  • Build Resilience & Trust in Relationships

  • Face Big Emotions like Anxiety and Anger with Ease

  • Parent Whole and Enough

Millions of Mom's struggle with deeply feeling kids who are spirited and strong willed, sometimes anxious, angry, stubborn or defiant. Nothing can be more infuriating than giving so much to your kids, yet not feeling appreciated, listened to or respected. 

Know that you are not alone and there are concepts and skills that you can learn that will make it easier.


Learn to come alongside and speak boundaries they'll actually follow so you can rebuild trust, decrease the conflict and negative reactions, move from fight or flight into understanding one another and repairing relationships for better family connection. 

Manifest   the  Connection You Want

Are you a Mom of an toddler, elementary, tween or teen?


Do you feel as if you know enough about positive parenting to wonder why isn't it 'working' and if  you're doing it wrong?

What if you could learn tips and skills that would melt the angst and hopelessness you've felt in parenting?

Snack Time

Is your fiery or anxious child derailing
the whole family dynamic?

Do you feel triggered and at your wits end with your child's BIG emotions...

  • Resisting going to school

  • Arguing

  • Not listening

  • Hard to get to bed

  • Defiance

  • Lack of cooperation

  • Sibling fighting

  • Backtalk

  • Disrespect

  • Anger, Anxiety

Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA


  • Connecting to your strong willed child after their tantrum because you responded in a calm, non-triggered way.

  • Understanding the why and how to use more connective approaches so that you can be ready for anything your child throws at you.

  • Experiencing emotional wellbeing that will flow over to your kids.

  • Incorporate self-care into your days so you can keep going and giving.
  • Having the know how to work through an avalanche of anxious or negative thoughts.

  • Making repairs after making mistakes so your relationship grows stronger.


You really want a peaceful connected family, but... you are feeling frustrated.

All the posts, blogs and books on theories are great, but it doesn't seem to translate in the moment.


It feels like you know enough about positive parenting, but you keep yelling. You've read books and listened to podcasts on parenting, you may have even bought a course. But  it  just  isn't  working . Ugh!

You're likely trying to parent differently than your parents, so you're learning things like emotion regulation + boundaries for the first time while trying to teach them to your kids...



Your strong willed, deeply feeling kid's behavior is relentless and exhausting.

How do you get your child to cooperate without resorting to yelling, blame and shame? All you want is to reduce the meltdowns and power struggles...or to go to school and bed without a struggle...Is that so much to ask?


The way to improve your hard family dynamics in meaningful ways is within your grasp

1-on-1 Sessions
  • Connect and share your parenting struggles and successes in a supportive and judgment-free space.

  • A safe space to be heard that's built on trust and mutual agreements.

  • Meet and talk with Allison who understand what you’re going through, and leave feeling seen, heard and accepted; empowered to try a new approach. 

  • Gain insight weekly and experience those ah-ha moments.

  • Unlearn old unskillful patterns and cultivate new ones that create the connection you yearn for.

  • Lessons and ideas you can access and implement at any time for skill building, encouragement and support. 

  • Each session walks you through a framework you can use to approach these challenges in a proactive way.

  • Themes such as transforming anger, anxiety, defiance, disrespect, or meltdowns into understanding their unmet needs and connection. 

  • Weekly suggestions and encouragement for infusing self-care into your daily routine.

Break The "Eggshells toBlowUp" Cycle

This Program Is For You If...

  • You are a mom currently living with a strong willed, deeply feeling kid aged 3 -17 years old.

  • You find yourself bribing, blaming + yelling more than you would like.

  • You feel overwhelmed  by their INTENSE emotions so react...and then feel guilty. You're ready to make changes and be supported by expert coaching.

  • You've tried long enough on your own, read all the books and you need support and accountability to put them into practice.

  • You are ready for a system that actually works to improve how you and your child relate when they become angry or inflexible.

  • You need more inspiration, motivation and a community of Mom's like you.

  • The idea that Moms just like you have learned the steps to break the cycle of blaming & bribing their kids, to S.T.O.P. directing negative energy AT their child, leaves you yearning, so badly you clench your fists.


My strong willed 6-year-old resisted everything I told her so we were in near constant power struggles it seemed. Ugh! Lots of yelling from both of us. No consistency on my end as I hated setting limits that caused more fighting. I felt like I couldn't win. Her dad would get involved and it would get worse when he dominated her. Now I know why all this was happening, about the determined nature she was born with, how I was contributing to the conflicts and the empowering to shift to get her buy in so we could work together. Wow, what a difference. I would look forward to the Zooms every week. We still have some hard moments because her nature is the same, but I'm able to see it differently. If I get triggered now, I can recognize my body signs sooner, and not lose my cool at her. I can do a U turn and figure out what's going on with me. The incredible part is that she's starting to watch me and do the same. So cool!

Gina / Mom of 2 / Seattle, WA

Parenting is such a personal thing. I hesitated to start this group for an embarrassing reason, my own ego to admit I needed help. I felt ashamed, how could I not be good at something that was supposed to come naturally. So I was just getting by, even though there were tons of meltdowns, power struggles and sibling fighting. Then I saw your tag line, 'It doesn't have to be so hard' and that's when I knew that I was ready for help. Now I have these proven things that I can use. Why did I wait so long! And I have my checklists and scripts I can go back to if I need to, but just encouragement and support from Allison was the best thing for me. I hear her voice in my head, "No one's wrong. How can we relate here?'

Susie / Mom of 3 / Santa Cruz, CA

I wasn't sure this would be right for me and did I even have a deeply feeling kid? My son is super anxious and going to school is a constant struggle. Especially after the Covid break, he kept saying he had a stomach ache and wouldn't go. Worse I'm getting in trouble with the school for him not going. I tried everything to convince him, bribe him, threaten him...nothing worked...until I started coaching with Allison. She showed me the steps to validate my son so he didn't feel alone in his anxiety. Turns out I was making him feel anxious about feeling anxious! Ugh! Now I have the skills to relate with his deep emotions and he's going to school again. What a relief to work with someone who knew how to support us turn things around. Joining the group coaching is the best decision I ever made and since they are recorded, I could show my husband so we could both learn and be on the same page. 

Alex / Mom of 2 boys / Scotts Valley, CA

Transform your intense family dynamics into understanding, cooperation and connection!

Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA

As You Move Through This 1-on-1 Program

  • Extending your patience significantly.


  • Finding solutions to behavior issues and share ideas with the help of a community of like-minded moms.


  • Allowing your strong-willed child to feel seen and heard.


  • Gaining clarity and self-assurance in your ability to  implement effective methodologies.


  • FINALLY being able to give yourself the grace you deserve!

Mother and Daughter Portrait

Results you want for are within your grasp!


Know exactly how to shift out of reaction when facing challenging behavior with clarity. Have the skills to  de-escalate their sense of threat and co-regulate with them.

Break the Cycle

Break the cycle of blowing up at each other by learning the core foundation of 5 Steps to Connect.


You are not alone.

Connect with other Mom's struggling with strong willed kids whose rigid resolve is aggravating.


You'll experience relief knowing how to shift from reactive and controlling to wholehearted, breaking out of the exhausting battles over who gets their way and who's right.

Meeting Needs

Know how to do a MindFlip when your child gets angry or hits to see the needs underneath these behaviors. You'll be amazed how well they respond when you show up as an understanding part of their team. It feels amazing to be free of taking your child's behavior personally.

Set Clear Limits

Set clear, firm limits from wholeness not anger so they actually work. Develop the structure and clear communication that keeps them from derailing the whole family. Ironically, it helps them feel safe and loved as they benefit from the clarity.


Collaboratively problem solve so your child feels safe and empowered instead of controlled and threatened.


Strong willed kids have emotional intelligence within them. When you give them opportunities to release pent up energy in constructive ways, they flourish!

You Are Not Alone

Join a community where you can feel safe to share your frustrations, your challenges and your celebrations. A community that understands and supports your needs. 


Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA


Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA


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