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Impacting the World One Classroom at a Time

Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA

Too often classrooms become places of emotional outbursts, fights and anger when not enough educators, administrators, parents and students know Social Emotional Learning (SEL) practices and ways to de-escalate a reactive child's sense of threat.



Can you image a classroom environment... 

  • Where educators and students know to use SEL practices when they sense they are getting triggered

  • When disagreements strengthen relationships rather than end up in fights 

  • Where everyone knows how to own their reactions  

  • When all practice self care when they used to offload blame and anger at each other

If only more understood these SEL practices and how to process their reactions, we could create a more connective and peaceful learning environment + world!

Download these resources to start today! And if you are struggling with hard classroom dynamics and challenging student behavior, let's connect to discover how we can work together to decrease the struggle. I've helped parents and educators to turn around awful, intense behavior situations.


It's no one's fault, and it doesn't have to be so hard. 

Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA

The experiential exercises you taught and let us practice were eye opening, especially the LifeSaving Listening one (non-judging/non-fixing). When I use this with a student who's upset, they feel relieved and validated. It really works!

Jill Mathies, Montessori Wavecrest Science Teacher

Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA

Learning more about emotions, how they really work when a student is upset, was not something I grew up knowing. Your interactive work has supported how I engage now when they are triggered. It's not easy,  but it's a game changer.

Daniel Jacobsmeyer, Mar Vista Elementary Teacher

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Student's Families



  • Private coaching Transform the struggle of hard family dynamics and challenging behavior patterns with new effective habits

  • Surviving to Thriving Group Coaching Program Experience going from surviving to thriving when facing challenging behavior with a group of Mom's in the same boat.

  • Online Courses: Facing An Angry Child   Anger is one of the most important emotions we feel, but also the most misunderstood and mis-directed.                                                               3 Vital Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner to Relate
    with a Strong Willed Child
                                        This is for parents and educators who continually face a child's resistance and big emotions that are often triggering.

What's stopping you from improving your family dynamics today? You won't regret it!


Parents & Teachers 
Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA
Allison Livingston | 5 Steps to Connect | Santa Cruz, CA

For Schools and School Districts

  • 4 Actions Every Parent Can Use to Support a Child Who is Feeling Anxious, Overwhelmed and Stressed -

    • Asynchronous course

    • 4 concise instructional videos 

    • Digital and printable handout

    • Add on of Live Q&A support available

  • 5 Skills to Face Challenging Behavior

    • In person or Zoom Interactive course

    • 6 sessions including breakouts & experiential learning

    • Story examples of what usually happens and what's possible

    • Practice exercises for 'homework'

    • Weekly summary handouts to reinforce the learning

    • A personal road map to know how to permanently shift from old protective patterns in triggering moments to experiences of connection and understanding

Students come from varying backgrounds and to create a successful school environment there also needs to be a supportive home environment. 

Resource link to send your Parents for SEL support, Brene Brown's newest book:

Atlas of the Heart Summary

Main Street Elementary School Sponsors:

7:00-8:00pm TBD in mid September 2022

Zoom/or in person

What to do when triggered by disrespectful behavior

7:00-8:00pm TBD late September 2022,

Zoom/or in person

How to face an angry or inflexible Child