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Surving to Thriving Group Program

Feb 5, 2023 - Mar 19, 2023


1. What if you could permanently improve how you relate to your strong willed child? What would more tools and understanding bring to you and your relationship with them? 2. What you are currently doing isn't working, I will show you why & more importantly what will permanently shift the intense power-struggle dynamic into understanding, validating and connecting. 3. You will be able to... eliminate unintended shame parenting to instead build their strong self esteem. 4. Stop unintentional enmeshment and know how to stop taking things personally...for good. 5. Support your child know what enlivens them and how to predictably connect to their values. 6. End old generational patterns of avoiding, numbing, repressing and offloading (uncomfortable) emotions to create healthy relationships. 7. How to support your child know what triggers them and how to empower themselves to meet their own needs. 8. Know how to get unstuck when you feel you can't win and hopeless. 9. You'll have a plan for the next time your child resists and refuses to do something like chores.

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Surviving to Thriving Group Program Winter '23

Surviving to Thriving Group Program Winter '23

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