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Go from surviving to thriving.

Ending the conflict with your strong willed child.

Do you feel overwhelmed parenting your often obstinate, disrespectful child?


Are you afraid your hard family dynamics are hurting your relationship and at a loss about how to change? 

I hear you as I was in your shoes. There is hope. My daughter and I are living proof. 

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What I wish I'd known sooner.

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'The 3 Vital Things I Wished I'd Known Sooner to Parent My Strong Willed Child'



I'm Allison Livingston.

I'm a parent just like you. My oldest is strong willed and parenting her was so frustrating. I felt alternately angry and irritated or awful and discouraged as I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. She would resist, backtalk, yell, act mean towards her sister, and just be hard. 

Then I learned tools that changed everything. I realized I wasn't alone and it didn't have to be so hard. 

Now I share how to do this with parents in struggle with their own strong willed child.


You too can transform ugly family dynamics into possibilities for understanding and connection.




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Private Coaching


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Carole, Mom of 3 kids

"The 5 Steps to Connect is helping me stay connected with my values when I parent. I have a better understanding of myself and my kids. I found a community where, without fear, we can be honest about how we live our journey as parents."

Megan, Mom of 2 kids

"I love what I took away from The 5 Steps to Connect Parenting Workshops. Each week I walked away feeling better with myself and with some great new idea to try at home. The ideas were easy to implement and most importantly as a parent, easy to remember! Best of all, I find more positivity in my family life with these practices."

Brittanie, Mom of 2 boys

"We've really been practicing everything we learned from our sessions with you and even my son said last night how much he feels like we've changed. Thank you so much!!!

Tamara, Mom of twin 7 year olds

"I began 5 Steps to Connect, as it says on the website, to take the time for my emotional health.  I was seeking peace in my family as raising twins can be quite a challenge.  I was feeling hopeless and out of ideas.  I think this has been a unique class on child-raising in that it is not a one style fits all.  After 6 weeks, I am feeling more centered and am starting to have the tools to handle different situations and really becoming a more present parent."

Polly, Single mom of 2 daughters

"I knew the 5 steps to connect framework was working when I was feeling pinched for time and wondered out loud if I should go. My daughter immediately said, "Oh yes Mama, you come back so much happier, like a new Mama!" Being able to express my emotions and be real in front of other parents who understood how hard parenting a strong willed child is - meant so much to me. Naming shame to melt it's power like the ghost busters and getting underneath the intense behavior to the values underneath have changed our lives!"

Jill, Montessori Teacher and
Mom of 3

"I'm so glad I came to your workshop! Two days later my daughter had a challenging situation with her friends at school. She was upset. Normally I would have given her advice and I wanted to jump in and help her resolve it. Instead I used Life-Saving Listening and it worked! She opened up and felt so empowered being able to talk it through and resolve it herself. It was amazing for me to see how my own triggers were stimulated. It was hard, but I didn't speak or act from them. If I didn't have your tools I wouldn't have been able to do that and have it work out so well."


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