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I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm...NOT fine! What happens when we reach our boiling

We have all been there. We think we are supposed to be calm and together so when things upset us we ‘manage’ our reactions to them. Your daughter rolls her eyes at you. Your son won't pick up after you've asked him 4 times. The printer won't work like you want it to in order to finish that important report. Now that you've stuffed all that within yourself you feel like a keg ready to explode on the next unsuspecting person who crosses your path.

What if there was another way to be with your upset? What if each time you were triggered you had a system of tools to work with it? Instead of stuffing and ‘managing’ the upset we could experience it safely and then be free and light hearted, connected.

Curious? It is possible and the best part…once you learn how, you can model it and teach it to your kids. What would your life be like if you were less reactive? If they were? What kind of connection could you have with your child?

Come learn more next week in the Fundamentals Parenting Workshop.

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